March 2017 Shoulder Restoration Workshop


Form is Function Presents: Shoulder Restoration.

Saturday 25 March, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

At the Aikido’Ka dojo

142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley CA

Do your shoulders feel weak, stiff, sore, fragile? Have stretching and strength training failed equally badly in improving your shoulder situation? This workshop is for you. Join us to learn:

1) Popular “strength” exercises that actually destroy the rotator cuff, and what to do instead.

2) How to protect the shoulders by mobilizing the upper spine.

3) Exercises that combine shoulder mobility and dynamic stability.

4) A powerful strengthening drill that even our people with the most ravaged shoulders do pain free.

5) How to gently open shoulder joints to reduce inflammation and speed healing.

6) How to naturally position the shoulder for greatest stability, safety and strength in all activities.

Cost: $45.00

Your teacher: chief instructor Eric Kenyon

“The number one injury that takes out snowboarders is shoulder injuries. And at the age of 25, my shoulders started to hurt every single time I would hit a big jump. . . . My shoulders would get these sharp, shooting pains. And I’m, like, I can’t believe this. I’m already getting taken out by shoulder injuries and pain by the age of 25 and I can’t believe this is already happening to me. Simple exercises, with very little time, and my shoulders started getting better and better and better and better. And now it’s been so long that I have had no pains in my shoulder that it’s not even an issue any more. It’s not even a thought process. It’s not even a hesitation.” – Evan Strong, Gold Medalist 2014 Paralympics and Form is Function athlete since 2012.


Russian Flexibility for Health & Well-being


Russian Flexibility for Health & Well-being.

Saturday March 18th

1:00 to 3:00 pm

At the Aikido’Ka dojo, 142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley

Do your limbs and joints feel stiff, immobile, rusty?

Do you have trouble squatting down, touching your toes, or reaching above your head?

Do you think you should be more flexible and have better range of motion considering all the stretching you do, and have done over the years? We do.

Did you know there are body movements and postures that cause fear, anxiety and depression?

Many Americans are habitually jammed or stuck, living and operating in those damaging postures. We will show you movements and postures that cause joy, stimulate the immune system, conserve or even create energy, improve sleep and build a bouyant youthful flexibility.

At this 2 hour workshop you will learn:

1) How to use your strength to accomplish increased range of motion, and improve stability.

2) Ways to make space within your body to move, and increase range of motion immediately.

3) How to direct the stress of challenging movements and postures away from delicate joint structures and spread the load onto large, resilient muscles and muscle groups.

4) Simple flexibility and strength exercises that cause a lifting in mood immediately.

5) A powerful, activation technique that opens up all joints and improves range of all motion.

6) Exhilarating flexibility drills that stimulate a part of your immune system that may have been off-line for years or even decades.

Cost: $45.00

Your teacher: Chief instructor Eric Kenyon

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Knee Strength & Health Workshop.


Form is Function presents: Knee Strength and Health.

Saturday March 4th, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

142 East Mcknight Way, Grass Valley CA

Instructor: Eric Kenyon

Cost: $45.00

Are your knees weak, unstable, painful? Have you “tried everything” to stretch or strengthen your knees with little or no beneficial result? How would your life be improved if your knees were stronger and less painful? At this two hour course you will learn:

1) Simple mobilization drills, not mobilizing the knees, that will help your knees be more stable.

2) Common alignment mistakes that cause knee pain and injury, and how to align your body for knee health and resilience.

3) Simple stabilizing exercises that will most likely take strain off your knees immediately.

4) Why stretching your knees made your pain and instability worse, not better, and what to do instead.

5) Why strengthening your quadriceps muscles never worked to stabilize your knees, and what to do instead.

6) Popular exercises many people do wrong, damaging their knees, and how to do them correctly.


“I was drawn to FIF through word of mouth and friends. My boyfriend and I signed up to take Eric’s workshop on strengthening and protecting knees. I have always heard nothing but excellent reviews of Eric’s training. My experience was no different. He showed us positions, ways of holding kettle bells, and ways to move which were immediately evident of the comfort, and eventually support they would provide through his strength training. His approach was different than any I’ve previously experienced and Eric is precise, knowledgeable and professional in his approach.” Lindsey Weills – Nevada City CA

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Lower Back Strength & Health Workshop

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Form is Function presents: Lower Back Strength and Health.

Does your lower back ever feel weak, unstable or painful? Do clinical treatments have only short term beneficial effects? How would your life be improved if your lower back was strong, stable and resilient?

At this two hour workshop you will learn:

1) Why “lift with your legs” or worse yet, “lift with your knees” never protected your back, and what to do instead.

2) How tight hips have kept your lower back unstable, and how to effectiively mobilize your hips.

3) A simple drill to decompress your brutalized spine, and most likely reduce pain and stiffness immediately.

4) Why years or even decades of conventional “core” training never improved your back pain or weakness, and what to do instead.

5) The best lower back strengthening exercise in existence, which you are not doing, yet.

6) How to strengthen your lower back so chiropractic adjustments and other clinical treatments can take hold long term.

Saturday February 25th
1:00 to 3:00 pm
At the Aikido’Ka dojo
142 East McKnight Way
Grass Valley CA

Cost: $45.00

Your teacher: Chief instructor Eric Kenyon.


“I’m so thankful to have learned how to strengthen my muscles while holding proper posture. Its so empowering to see how much easier it is to lift a 5 gallon water jug onto the dispenser, carry in wood, help lift and move furniture etc etc. I have more energy, I can go and go all day now without resting. I feel better than I did before the injury!”
– Tiana Ingram, former back pain sufferer, Grass Valley CA

For more info call Eric at 510-393-2568, or email

Free Intros to Results Based Exercise

Form is Function presents, two free introduction classes:
Tuesday 3 January & Tuesday 10 January 2017
9:30 to 10:30 am
At the Aikido’Ka dojo
142 East McKnight Way
Grass Valley CA
Want more results in less time? We will show you how we do that. Sick of time wasted because of injuries? We will show you how we avoid injury. All those attending can get a 2 for one deal on all From is Function group classes, private instruction and special workshops. If you want to get started right away you can join the mid-morning group exercise class right after the intro at 10:30 am.
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 “It was so awesome. Eric, in just a few classes with you, my strength has grown exponentially. Yesterday I was surprised to find that the weights I usually use at a local gym felt like feathers!” – Laura Holland Belk, Nevada City CA
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Injury-proofing your Knees.

libby-fsq-loKnee pain, weakness and instability are common complaints among Americans of all ages and all walks of life. Knee injuries often end careers in martial arts, dance and winter sports. This workshop is a collection of Form is Function’s  most efficient methods we use to heal and protect the knees of our students and athletes. Join us and learn:

To take the strain off your knees by correcting your hip function.

How and more importantly when, to do knee stabilizing exercise.

Extremely dangerous and common alignment mistakes to avoid.

Why building up the size or strength of your quadriceps muscles never worked to heal or protect your knees, and what to do instead.

Nutritional support for the healing and health of your knees and other joints.

At the Aikido’Ka Dojo

142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley CA

Saturday 1 October, 3:00 to 5:00 pm

Instructor: Eric Kenyon

Fee: $45.00


“I just started working out with Eric Kenyon [at Aikido’Ka] and I’m trying to become a professional snowboarder. One of the problems, as you all know, with snowboarding is our knees. Basically, in 2 1/2 weeks, or so, from doing the training my whole knee pain has kind of disappeared. I’m way stronger from it and I feel better now. I feel like I could take on the whole world.” – Levi Sheldon, nationally ranked snowboard racer, Grass Valley CA

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Russian Flexibility Workshop

Megan GSQAt Form is Function we approach flexibility quite differently from what you have seen in this country. FIF students and athletes tend to be very flexible and yet do very little stretching. They also suffer no compromise for this high level of flexibility. Our people are very strong and very stable. Attendees will learn these time efficient, Russian methods of building functional flexibility. Join us at this workshop and learn:

How to increase range of motion quickly by engaging the nervous system rather than attempting to force body structure changes.

Techniques that build stability and mobility at the same time.

How to determine how much flexibility you really need.

Spreading the load, so the stress of challenging movements and postures does not land exclusively on one fragile joint or other structure,

How to be more safe and successful in flexibility focused classes led by others.

Using your breath, gaze, alignment and inner awareness so that your whole body “agrees” on what you are trying to do.

At the Aikido’Ka dojo,

142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley

Saturday, 17 Sep, 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Instructor: Eric Kenyon

Cost per person: $45.00


 “Eric’s understanding of loaded stretching pushed me so far beyond what I knew, and I have about 15 years of yoga under my belt. The attention to detail and his high level of perception in what is happening in YOUR body is such a treasure. I have always been quite flexible, if not a little bit on the rubber band side of the spectrum. Now I still have all of my flexibility and much more stability.” – Michael Sturgeon, Nevada City CA

Kettlebells and Flexibility

Kettlebells and Flexibility



Off season Strength & Conditioning for Winter Sports.

Evan gold 2014 This course will teach the winter sport athlete the most effective and efficient strength & conditioning in order to excel and win. This is what students attending this workshop will learn:

Which exercises best build the extreme physical power and speed needed for the fastest winter sports.

How to correctly execute those most effective exercises.

How to calculate intensity and volume of work for best results.

The best exercises for winter sport agility.

The most effective injury proofing drills for a long, uninterrupted career in winter sport.

How to program endurance training correctly for the various winter sports.

Evan BBChDL, 285+65

At the Aikido’Ka dojo

142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley

Saturday 10 Sep, 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Instructor: Eric Kenyon

Fee: $45.00

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Shoulder Restoration Workshop

gallery3This workshop is a an efficient compendium of the most effective exercises and information we use every day for the last 17 years to create shoulder healing, health and strength. At this event you will learn:

Movements and posture that take the strain off fragile and injured shoulders, and so promote healing.

Pain free ways to mobilize and strengthen delicate shoulders.

How to mobilize your upper spine to support natural shoulder function.

Exercises you can do anywhere and any time, with no equipment, to relieve tight or sore shoulders.

Injurious movements and postures to avoid in order to promote healing of damaged shoulders.

Saturday 3 Sep, 1:30 to 3:30 pm

At the Aikido’Ka dojo, 142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley

Instructor: Chief instructor Eric Kenyon

Cost: $45.00


Beginners Intro to Russian Kettlebell Lifting

Maroo smile rackThis two hour class is designed for beginners who may lack confidence in exercise settings. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who has reservations about jumping into our group classes. Students will practice the basic kettlebell lifts correctly, learn the purpose of each lift, and how it fits into a goal based exercise program. This workshop prepares attendees for a safe and confident entry to any place where kettlebells are used.

Saturday 20 August,

1:30 to 3:30 pm

At the Aikido’Ka dojo, 142 East McKnight Way

Grass Valley


Instructor: Chief instructor Eric Kenyon

Any questions, contact Eric at cell: 510-393-2568 or email:

Zeph des snatch LV