November 11, 2013


The Form is Function style of instruction is very different from mainstream exercise modes. Using our Soviet/Russian based methods you will focus on adept, natural movement, rather than working muscles or body parts in isolation. This makes for extremely strong, confident, mobile, well balanced and resilient athletes. True Russian-style kettlebell training is shown to:

  • burn fat:  more than twice as many calories per minute as aerobics or spinning, and continue burning calories for 48 hours after the workout
  • increase your bone density
  • make your heart stronger, more capacious, and more resilient
  • increase your joint mobility and flexibility
  • protect your back and joints against injury, and in some cases strengthen and rehabilitate existing injuries
  • make you faster and stronger without increase in size
  • increase your cardiovascular capacity
    Kettlebells and Flexibility
    Here is a list of common exercises and their number of calories burned per minute: Kettlebell Snatches 20.2 Aerobic Dance 9.7 Spinning 9.6 Jogging 8.5 Cardio Kick-Boxing 8.1 Curves 6.4 Power Yoga 5.9 Advanced Pilates 5.6

    Our systems of training are much more holistic and immediately effective than we are typically used to in the United States. For instance, we train many of our clients very swiftly to extreme levels of strength, but with no increase in size, and no decrease in speed or flexibility.

Even the most de-conditioned person will thrive on our training. In fact the more hopelessly you are viewing your situation, the more we want to see you! Conversely, We have brought  up the performance and ability of even the highest level athletes and coaches. Golfers, martial artists, competitive weight lifters, aerialists, firefighters, Nevada County Sheriffs –and regular folks– have all experienced a pronounced improvement in their game -even if that game is loading kids into the car- after just a few weeks of training with Form is Function.