November 2, 2011

Tactical Strength III

This course is designed for, and with feedback from, local wildland firefighters. Our purpose is to make professionals in fire & rescue, military, and LE, more capable and resilient in physically stressful situations. We learned much in the last two years, and much more in the recent fire season. Parts I and II were very well received and part III is even better. Here is what students will practice and learn:

1. Building extreme strength and power, safely & quickly.
2. Injury proofing. 
3. Getting more results from your training in less time.
4. Fatigue management for optimal readiness.
5. Getting maximum results with minimal equipment.
6. Truly functional endurance.

Tactical Strength III is also ideal for martial artists and athletes in extreme sports. Anyone who feels they will benefit from the combination of injury prevention training, moving combination lifts, and brutal exercise complexes, is welcome. For now Tactical Strength III is open to all.
Instructor: Eric Kenyon SFG, FMS.

Eric Kenyon is one of a very few strength & conditioning coaches between Sacramento and Reno with real, tactical training and experience, plus complete skills in teaching advanced, Soviet/Russian, strength & conditioning methods.

Here is what professionals are saying about Eric Kenyon:

“ His views on military physical fitness are right on point, and he is being pro-active as part of the solution.”
– Jordan Vezina, strength coach and USMC veteran – Palo Alto, CA

“Eric is a natural trainer and teacher who will work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals and objectives.”
– Lt. Colonel Frank Twarog, U.S. Army (Retired) – Greenfield, MA

“He knows how to build real strength without injuring the body. Eric has helped me greatly and I highly recommend him.”
– Sifu Raj Singh, martial arts instructor – Oakland, CA

“He has helped me build the strength and stamina I need to compete with the top athletes in the country in the sport of Judo.”
– Abigail Beck , nationally ranked Judo competitor – Grass Valley CA

“Eric has a deep understanding of the arts and seems to be able to relate to all the different types of sport and show us all how to improve our performance and personal well being.”
-Professor John Bright, martial arts instructor – Grass Valley CA

“My performance has dramatically increased on the fire ground both in strength and endurance, and I feel far less susceptible to injury. I can honestly say that I have not felt or performed this well since I was hired 20 years ago.”
   – Todd Whitehead, firefighter – Grass Valley CA

“Eric is a great instructor… He keeps classes interesting by switching up exercises and formatting routines to meet my specific physical job needs. Eric is very knowledgeable in body mechanics and will instruct you on how to perform each exercise safely. I have benefited from Eric’s teachings by improving my mobility, a noticeable decrease in painful body movements, and increase in strength.”
     – Justin, Wildland firefighter, Helitack crew – Grass Valley CA

“He has helped me immensely in my strength conditioning. Because he pays attention to every detail and does it with a smile and genuine pride – No matter what your age, I urge you to train with Eric at your earliest convenience.”
     – Guru Mel HeBert, martial arts instructor – Grass Valley CA

For more info contact Eric at 510-393-2568