Free Intros to Results Based Exercise

Form is Function presents, two free introduction classes:
Tuesday 3 January & Tuesday 10 January 2017
9:30 to 10:30 am
At the Aikido’Ka dojo
142 East McKnight Way
Grass Valley CA
Want more results in less time? We will show you how we do that. Sick of time wasted because of injuries? We will show you how we avoid injury. All those attending can get a 2 for one deal on all From is Function group classes, private instruction and special workshops. If you want to get started right away you can join the mid-morning group exercise class right after the intro at 10:30 am.
Zeph des snatch LV
 “It was so awesome. Eric, in just a few classes with you, my strength has grown exponentially. Yesterday I was surprised to find that the weights I usually use at a local gym felt like feathers!” – Laura Holland Belk, Nevada City CA
Tracey Push - p