March 19, 2011

Instructor Bios

Eric Kenyon SFG, RKC, FMS

Eric Kenyon, RKC, FMS

Eric Kenyon, RKC, FMS

•  Eighteen years professional strength coach and physical educator
•  Strong First level 1 certified Russian kettlebell instructor
•  RKC Level 1 certified Russian kettlebell instructor
•  FMS movement screening and restoration certified
•  Strength & conditioning coach for Evan Strong, Olympic gold medalist and professional snowboard racer.
•  6 years S & C coach at Aikido’Ka, Grass Valley

•  Twice attended RKC level II advanced kettlebell instructor training
•  Regular, comprehensive S & C training w/ Senior RKC  Mark Toomey
•  Attended cutting edge “Easy Strength” seminar with Pavel Tsatsouline and Dan John.
•  Trained in Soviet/Russian method powerlifting

•  Receiving regular instruction from  international, physical educator and exercise historian Ron Jones.

Additional activities:
•  Scottish Highland Games competitor
•  Aerial dance training with Air Aligned
•  3 years Okinawan Kenpo Karate
•  3 years college Judo
•  1 year training in Philippine Kun-tao with Guru Mel HeBert

•  Practicing Aikido at Aikido’Ka with Sensei Frank Bloksberg.

Eric has been training athletes and non-athletes, in the San Francisco Bay area, Gold Country and beyond since 1999. He draws on a lifetime of competing in a variety of sports from youth to college level, a very active stretch in the US Army, and full time study & practice of Soviet sports science since 2002.

Eric’s style of instruction is very different from mainstream fitness training. Soviet/Russian methods focus on adept, natural movement, rather than working muscles or body parts in isolation. This makes for extremely strong, confident, well balanced and resilient athletes.

These days Eric’s students range from retired seniors improving their golf game to professional and Olympic athletes. These local professionals also depend on Eric for top level conditioning: wildland & structural firefighters, Nevada County Sheriffs, professional aerialists, dancers & acrobats, and master instructors in Tai-chi, Aikido, Kun-tao, & Win-chun.


Alison Kenyon, RKC

Alison Kenyon, RKC

Alison Kenyon RKC

RKC Level 1 certified Russian kettlebell instructor

Core strength & flexibility workshops, w/ Pavel Tsatsouline

RKC level II prep course, w/ Master RKC Mark Reifkind

Attended RKC level II advanced kettlebell training

Regular training w/ Senior RKC  Mark Toomey

Professional level Chinese acrobatics

Pro level hand balancing

Pro level Argentine Tango

Scottish Highland Games Competitor

Trained in Soviet/Russian method powerlifting

Alison has been a professional athlete and physical performer of one kind or another since 1993. She brings a wealth of real-world experience to her students. At various times Alison has worked internationally as an acrobat, clown, actress, contortionist, fire dancer, tango dancer and instructor, strong-woman and professional wrestler. Since 2005 she has assisted Eric in the training of his students and found herself to be an excellent coach. She has also become an enthusiastic student and teacher of Russian style athletic training.

Alison is currently working on a book for teen women addressing the subjects of healthy diet, lifestyle,and self-image.


CELL   510-393-2568

Eric’s e-mail:
Mailing address: 16487 Dog Bar Rd.  Grass Valley, CA 95949

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