March 19, 2011

Instructor Bios

Eric Kenyon, chief instructor

Eric Kenyon, RKC, FMS

My name is Eric Kenyon, the owner, founder and chief instructor of Form is Function, based in grass valley California. It is my good fortune to guide professionals and amateurs to success in their careers and physical goals since 1999. These include professional snowboard racers, volley ball players, dancers, acrobats, strength coaches, military special forces, wildland and urban firefighters, LE officers,  and martial arts instructors. Also high level competitors in road bike racing, mountain biking, triathlon, rock climbing, golf, soccer, rugby, powerlifting, strongman/strongwoman sport, Scottish Highland games, jiu-jitsu, judo, cage fighting, and whitewater kayaking. 

If you are not an athlete, maybe even severely challenged: injured, disabled, senior, very weak, or deeply de-conditioned, FIF has helped many people like you. If you feel you have been under-served or left out by mainstream fitness culture, we want to meet you. 

In the Sierra foothills since 2008, Form is Function has a unique reputation for safety. A large number of local clinicians and other professional healers send their patients to us while in treatment. The healers trust their people will be safe, and that they will do exercise that powerfully supports the progress of treatment, or improves health and quality of life  without impeding treatment.

At FIF we are are trained and experienced in many modes and methods of physical practice. We are beholden to none. These methods are only tools. Like a hammer or saw to a master builder. Our unique ability is finding clarity for you and your goals, the reality of your starting point, and then bringing you safely and swiftly to your goals, and usually  well beyond. 

Our only focus at Form is Function is results. This simple  intention makes our process safer, quicker, more efficient, and unfamiliar looking compared to what is typically experienced on the American fitness landscape. We create success.

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