Knee Strength & Health Workshop.


Form is Function presents: Knee Strength and Health.

Saturday March 4th, 1:00 to 3:00 pm

142 East Mcknight Way, Grass Valley CA

Instructor: Eric Kenyon

Cost: $45.00

Are your knees weak, unstable, painful? Have you “tried everything” to stretch or strengthen your knees with little or no beneficial result? How would your life be improved if your knees were stronger and less painful? At this two hour course you will learn:

1) Simple mobilization drills, not mobilizing the knees, that will help your knees be more stable.

2) Common alignment mistakes that cause knee pain and injury, and how to align your body for knee health and resilience.

3) Simple stabilizing exercises that will most likely take strain off your knees immediately.

4) Why stretching your knees made your pain and instability worse, not better, and what to do instead.

5) Why strengthening your quadriceps muscles never worked to stabilize your knees, and what to do instead.

6) Popular exercises many people do wrong, damaging their knees, and how to do them correctly.


“I was drawn to FIF through word of mouth and friends. My boyfriend and I signed up to take Eric’s workshop on strengthening and protecting knees. I have always heard nothing but excellent reviews of Eric’s training. My experience was no different. He showed us positions, ways of holding kettle bells, and ways to move which were immediately evident of the comfort, and eventually support they would provide through his strength training. His approach was different than any I’ve previously experienced and Eric is precise, knowledgeable and professional in his approach.” Lindsey Weills – Nevada City CA

Libby W cossack