Lower Back Strength & Health Workshop

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Form is Function presents: Lower Back Strength and Health.

Does your lower back ever feel weak, unstable or painful? Do clinical treatments have only short term beneficial effects? How would your life be improved if your lower back was strong, stable and resilient?

At this two hour workshop you will learn:

1) Why “lift with your legs” or worse yet, “lift with your knees” never protected your back, and what to do instead.

2) How tight hips have kept your lower back unstable, and how to effectiively mobilize your hips.

3) A simple drill to decompress your brutalized spine, and most likely reduce pain and stiffness immediately.

4) Why years or even decades of conventional “core” training never improved your back pain or weakness, and what to do instead.

5) The best lower back strengthening exercise in existence, which you are not doing, yet.

6) How to strengthen your lower back so chiropractic adjustments and other clinical treatments can take hold long term.

Saturday February 25th
1:00 to 3:00 pm
At the Aikido’Ka dojo
142 East McKnight Way
Grass Valley CA

Cost: $45.00

Your teacher: Chief instructor Eric Kenyon.


“I’m so thankful to have learned how to strengthen my muscles while holding proper posture. Its so empowering to see how much easier it is to lift a 5 gallon water jug onto the dispenser, carry in wood, help lift and move furniture etc etc. I have more energy, I can go and go all day now without resting. I feel better than I did before the injury!”
– Tiana Ingram, former back pain sufferer, Grass Valley CA

For more info call Eric at 510-393-2568, or email erickenyonrkc@yahoo.com.