Strength Training for Endurance Athletes April 2017

Form is Function presents: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes.

Saturday April 29th, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

At the Aikido’Ka dojo, 142 East McKnight Way, Grass Valley CA

Endurance athletes must do strength training. This is a universal truth. The details are not so clear in mainstream athletic culture. How much strength training? How strong does an endurance athlete need to be? How does a busy endurance athlete fit strength training into his or her already tight schedule? This workshop is appropriate for tiathletes, Marathoners and half Marathoners, 10k, 5k, road bike racers up to century and double century, and mountain bikers. Join us and learn:

1. Exercises that are maximally effective for builidng useful strength and power for the endurance athlete, and do not add weight or bulk.

2. How to perform the most effective strength exercises correctly.

3. Common strength training mistakes to avoid.

4. How to calculate the correct volume of strength training for the seasonal cycles in your sport preparation program.

5. The most effective exercises for injury proofing the endurance athlete.

6. Maximized selection, execution and application of the Russian kettlebell lifts.

Cost: $55.00
Cost for Form is Function students: $40.00

Your teacher: chief instructor Eric Kenyon

For more info contact Eric at
or call: 510-393-2568