Are You The Person Who

Cares about the results?

Requires that the result you achieve in your exercise program matches your stated goals?

Exercises to create more freedom in your life? Freedom to say YES to any physical challenge you choose?

Cares about achieving maximum results for the time you spend training and the most results possible for the money you spend

Is ready, eager even, to enter an unfamiliar situation? 

If you said YES to at least 3 of above,
You are in the right place!

Eric Kenyon is the physical culture secret of the Northern California mountains. He’s the movement and strength mentor, guiding all level of people to success in the physical realm. From Olympic and professional athletes to people who can barely move, Eric’s KB (kettlebell) and strength skills have been making the mountains a stronger place.
Exercise Iconoclast & Founder of BodyTribe, Sacramento CA​

As a new student you will start with an eight week introduction course. It will include private sessions with yours truly Eric Kenyon and 8 weeks of unlimited group classes. If you prefer or require private training, we offer an advanced introduction program with a lot of individual attention.

What Our Customers say:

Wow! I am deeply grateful to Eric for his kettlebell instruction and wisdom. He has a thorough understanding of the human body especially bringing healing and recovery to injuries. Most of my injuries came from a car accident when I was 18 years old and for the past 17 years I have been limited in my physical abilities because of them. I have chronic lower back pain from the pelvis break and it got increasingly worse after I had my son. After working with Eric for 2 months, I have an easy 50% improvement in pain and simple yet effective take home exercises to help maintain and improve upon that. Having so many ‘debilitating’ injuries at such a young age left me skeptical of ever finding lasting freedom from them. Eric maintains a positive outlook on healing. He trusts the body’s natural inclination to recover if given the proper guidance. Not only has he given me invaluable coaching on body mechanics, he has taught me how to listen to my own body wisdom and trust the messages it sends me – no pain, no fear. Thanks Eric! You are a gem in our community.
Molly Fitzpatrick
MSOM, Nevada City CA
I went in to see Eric and perform a Functional Movement Screening (FMS), which basically determines whether your body can perform some simple actions and motions without pain or discomfort. I was shocked to learn that out of a total score of 21, I ranked a 4! However, over the past few weeks of following some simple recommendations from Eric, I improved my score even though I had sustained a low back injury at work a few days before retesting. In addition, my low back pain has vastly improved in just a few days, again thanks to some great suggestions from Eric on ways to improve my strength and safety while at work. Everybody should schedule an FMS, this info is too valuable for you not to know!
Jason Ammerman
Handyman from Nevada City, CA

We have many classes available during the week.



The Form is Function style of instruction is very different from mainstream exercise modes.

Using our Soviet/Russian based methods you will focus on adept, natural movement, rather than working muscles or body parts in isolation. This makes for extremely strong, confident, mobile, well balanced and resilient athletes. True Russian-style kettlebell training is shown to:

  • burn fat:  more than twice as many calories per minute as aerobics or spinning, and continue burning calories for 48 hours after the workout
  • increase your bone density
  • make your heart stronger, more capacious, and more resilient
  • increase your joint mobility and flexibility
  • protect your back and joints against injury, and in some cases strengthen and rehabilitate existing injuries
  • make you faster and stronger without increase in size
  • increase your cardiovascular capacity

Our systems of training are much more holistic and immediately effective than we are typically used to in the United States. For instance, we train many of our clients very swiftly to extreme levels of strength, but with no increase in size, and no decrease in speed or flexibility.

Even the most de-conditioned person will thrive on our training. In fact the more hopelessly you are viewing your situation, the more we want to see you! Conversely, We have brought  up the performance and ability of even the highest level athletes and coaches. Golfers, martial artists, competitive weight lifters, aerialists, firefighters, Nevada County Sheriffs – and regular folks – have all experienced a pronounced improvement in their game – even if that game is loading kids into the car – after just a few weeks of training with Form is Function.