Creating a Powerful New Year

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By chief instructor Eric Kenyon

Coming up on another new year. How many people need what Form is Function teaches? Almost everyone you know needs it. But wait, aren’t there many gyms and exercise studios around? Aren’t they all about the same? Is FIF just another generic, provider of service, like a gas station, or a grocery store? What is unique about FIF?  Here are a few of the most powerful and unique things we accomplish at FIF:


  1. At Form is Function we do the opposite of what every other health club or exercise studio does in the United States. Every other provider is doing whatever they are doing. Maybe its yoga, maybe its a martial art, maybe Pilates, aerobics, crossfit, body pump, there are many products. You sign up, You go there, then you sink or swim. The culture is static. It has no responsiveness to you or any other student.  FIF is the opposite of that. We start by finding out everything about a new student’s goals, needs, injury history and physical ability, first! We do all that for free, before you spend any money. From that detailed picture we develop what the student will do for exercise. See the difference there? 


2. Every conversation about FIF or at FIF is about results. Other providers of “fitness” never mention or even acknowledge results. Why? Because any conversation about results reveals their lack of results. So there are huge and complex discussions about methods, education, theories, philosophies and beliefs, equipment of every description and tons of hype. All of that is a distraction from discussing results that are not there. At FIF we discuss results only. The results our students need, and the results we provide. See our testimonials page


3. At FIF we simplify the physical practices of our students. One of the symptoms of the unsuccessful fitness culture in the US is the necessity for people to engage several or even a dozen different exercise modes in order to cobble together a practice that hopefully provides complete health and fitness. Why is this even necessary? Deep subject. For now FIF offers a simple and effective solution’ find a provider like FIF. We take a lot of time on the front end finding out what a student really wants and needs. Then we provide it. All of it. If a person needs flexibility, we provide it. Only the type and amount of flexibility they need, and can handle safely. We don’t waste a student’s time impressing him or her with our vast knowledge of flexibility. If a person needs aerobic exercise, we provide the type and amount needed. If a person needs strength, etc… FIF is one stop shopping. The amount of time, money, worry and confusion that are saved is astronomical. 


4. Safety. We provide it. Our safety record is not surpassed. Some years ago I realized that my goal is to make a students time in FIF classrooms, actual or online, the safest time in their lives. We accomplished that long ago. You are safer at an FIF class than at any other time of your life. Why? because at work, at sport, play, traveling, commuting and etc, you are only partially controlling what is happening. You may not be in control at all.  At FIF we are 100% in control of what goes on at our classes. We have a clean, smooth, even surface for you to exercise on. We have beautifully balanced and calibrated implements for you to do your training with. We are 100% in control of what we are doing: how fast we will move, the amount of force or intensity we will use and how much work we will do. We have highly trained and experienced coaches closely scrutinizing everything you do here. These coaches are not exercising in class. Their eyes and ears are on you and they are making course corrections as needed. We  have designed the atmosphere of our studios to eliminate all distractions. The classes are small.  If there are more than nine students present there will be two or more instructors. The rest of your life has nothing even remotely like this level of control. That is why mistakes, accidents and injuries can happen.  Because of this level of control at FIF, local clinicians send people down to Form is Function while in treatment. That means they know a person who is already injured will be safe exercising with us. The more someone is injured the more appropriate it is for that person to train with us. We have even designed exercise for people who are severely injured, in full time care or both. 


5. At FIF we guarantee that we provide the most results per dollar spent or hour spent. What results? The results you tell us you want and need.