Curvy Girl Athletics

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This new course will soon be offered to our women only. The instructors are Form is Function female staff. CGA focuses on the physical ability and well being of women. It is a natural evolution at FIF, moving the “fitness” conversation further away from a narrow, limiting and fear based, physical appearance or weight loss narrative, to a focus on true health and useful physical ability. It is a safe space where women support each other speaking and working very frankly, on the physical issues that ¬†concern them, without the distraction of male dominated cultural bias. CGA supports all the varied athletic ambitions of women and girls, professional, amateur and recreational. We do this by providing top, proven world class instruction in sport specific strength and conditioning, injury prevention, mental and emotional aspects of competition, ¬†nutritional support and more. CGA is not about weight loss, it is not about “fat and fit.” It is about avoiding pitfalls on the modern American “fitness” landscape, and about building a better physical life. All women are welcome, not only those with athletic goals.