Reducing Fall Injury

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Form is Function presents: Reducing Fall Injury

Starting 16 September 2018, at our facility at 142 East McKnight Way in Grass Valley CA. This eight week intensive course reduces the frequency of falls and reduces the severity of injury in falls. We do this by practicing and teaching:

1) Exercise to improve balance.
2) Improving strength.
3) Training that increases bone strength and density.
4) Increasing muscle mass.
5) Heart health improvement.
6) Fat loss. 

You will learn and practice exercise that is maximally effective for each of the above six goals. The program creates sustainability and independence. Students will complete the course with the skill and knowledge to apply what you learn to your own life according to what you and your clinicians prioritize.

The course can be viewed as an intervention, reducing the damage that falls can cause to your quality of life by:

1) Reducing the frequency and severity of falls by improving your balance and motor control.

2) Reducing the severity of fall injuries by strengthening your muscles, your static stability and your motive power. Also by reducing the frequency of falls caused by simple weakness. Finally by building strength you can use to get back up, or at least be mobile enough to help yourself after a fall.

3) Reducing the severity of fall injuries by strengthening your bones and reducing incidence of bone breaks.

4) Reducing the severity of fall injuries by protecting and “armoring” your body with increased muscle mass, and also improving metabolic and other health bio markers related to muscle mass.

5) Improving your heart rate and heart health to reduce falls due to blood pressure irregularities, and heart disease.

6) Reducing frequency of falls by reducing excess body fat which can impede balance, stamina, mobility and vision. Also to reduce severity of fall injuries by enabling you to recover more easily after a fall.

The course includes:

1) One Meet and greet with Form is Function staff and program students.

2) One free, private session where we discuss your goals and needs in detail, to make sure the course is right for you. If it is not exactly right for you, this session will help you achieve clarity concerning the best course of action to achieve your goals.

3) Three private, Functional Movement Screens, to assess and reduce injury risk. One each at the beginning of the course, in the middle and at the end.

4) Twenty-one small group training classes where you will practice and learn the six fall injury prevention modes listed above. The group class times and locations are listed here:

5) A private after action progress check and “what next” meeting to insure the student is confident in how they will use what they have learned, and to provide whatever support the student may want or need from FIF going forward.

Q: What can you expect to achieve in this course?

A: Measurable and useful progress in these six areas and more:

1) A measurable increase in bone density.

2) Your balance improves, measured by the Functional Movement Screen tests, and felt by improvement in your every day activities.

3) Your strength increases, Measured by the FMS tests, other strength tests throughout the course, and noticeable improvement in your everyday activities.

4) Your muscle mass and definition visibly increases.

5) Your resting heart rate will most likely be reduced, and you will experience increased stamina in all activities.

6) If you have excess fat to lose you will experience a reduction in fat percentage, shown by reduced waist measurement, and possibly reduced body weight.

Next step: contact Eric Kenyon to schedule your free goals and needs consultation. 510-393-2568,