Return to the Winter Olympics

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FIF athlete Evan Strong, with his gold medal from the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Last week Form is Function’s top athlete, pro snowboarder Evan Strong was on the front page of our local newspaper. Evan won a gold medal in Paralympic snowboard cross at the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia 2014. He has one leg missing from a  motorcycle wreck 13 years ago. However he often races in in the open or able-bodied categories as a professional snowboarder. Evan is headed for Korea to win more Olympic gold. This time in Banked Slalom as well as Boarder cross. For over 6 years I have designed and supervised his strength and conditioning for snowboard racing. In the Union article Evan describes the advantages this training has given him while competing in the top levels of a brutally fast, extreme sport. Enjoy! – EK

SNOWBOARDING: Evan Strong is gearing up for another run at gold