Training Rock Climbers.

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Form is Function is collaborating with Gold Crush Climbing Gym in Grass Valley CA!

All rock climbers and aspiring rock climbers are invited to our debut at GCCG on March 14th at this workshop:

Injury Proofing and Restoration for Rock Climbers,

530-730 pm on Wednesday, March 14th.

124 Clydesdale Ct, Suite D
Grass Valley, California

Cost: $55.00.

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Taught by Chief instructor Eric Kenyon and FIF staff.

Bring your friends who are climbers, especially those who struggle with persistent injuries!

This workshop improves the climbing experience and lengthens the active careers of rock climbers at all levels of ability by teaching these skills:

1. Following simple methods to speed the healing of injuries typical to rock climbing.

2. Avoiding common and dangerous mistakes in the strength & conditioning of rock climbers.

3. Mobility and stability exercises that prevent the most frequent rock climbing sprains and strains, and also increase climbing ability.

4. How rock climbing athleticism can be improved while your climbing is restricted by injuries.

5. Dietary support to both heal and prevent rock climbing injuries.

6. The most effective exercises for increasing bone strength.

On March 19th we begin teaching six sessions weekly group classes: Strength &
Conditioning for the Rock Climber.

Stay tuned!

Pro snowboard racer Evan Strong, Form is Function athlete since 2011.