Training the Trainers

At Form is Function we have trained other coaches and trainers from the very beginning back in 1999.

As a professional, why would you want to take an FIF training course? 

  1. In order to replicate the results we have; athletes who win more and are injured less
  2. And, people of all ability levels reaching their goals in much less time than typically seen on the American fitness landscape. 
  3. To develop in yourself an understanding of physical training that is rational, repeatable and predictable.
Form is Function have trained a large number of professional coaches. Some of their stories can be seen on our testimonials page. There are essentially two modes we use in teaching professional coaches and trainers: 


We train coaches up to Form is Function standard. That means the coach has reached a level of solid ability, verified by me, so that coach can take my place or the place of any of my assistants, in teaching our group classes. The FIF certified coach can teach to FIF standards of safety and effectiveness. That is level one.

Levels two and three have the ability to interview and assess new students, teach private sessions to FIF standards, teach strength and conditioning to professional athletes, and other advanced qualifications that may be listed. The certifications we issue to these coaches reflect their ability, described in detail, and list the type and amount of training the student/coach has done in order to reach that ability level.


FIF issues certificates of training to professional coaches. These do not reflect any qualification, only that the student attended the training described.


  • Lifetime Mentorship. FIF certified coaches have access to me during and after their training, to answer questions and work through challenges. We take the training of professionals very seriously. We clearly see that the ability of our certified coaches reflects on us directly. If you are FIF certified you have a mentor for life. My life at least.
  • Personalized hands on training. A typical FIF qualified coach may take 70 to 150 hours of hands on exercise technique training and ten to twenty hours each of exercise theory and practice, coaching theory and practice, and ethics. Each certification is crafted to the goals and needs of the coach, and according to what I find the coach/student needs to be an effective professional in our field. 
  • Guarantee of results. At Form is Function we do not make any wild claims about our certifications. I guarantee the coaches I have certified are qualified at FIF standards, to teach what is listed in their certification. That is all. I will not make strident petitions to increase your income by procuring an “industry gold standard” cert or any other such nonsense. Those who know us and our athletes know the value of our cert. My hope is that the plain wording of our certs, and the history of Form is Function’s results will convey our message effectively to those who care.

    Honestly most people, from professional athletes to regular folks have no knowledge or understanding of certifications in the fitness field. They do not care about certs, nor should they in my opinion. Only results are important. I have met many coaches and trainers whose qualifications are extremely impressive on paper, and yet have no ability to create results for themselves or their unfortunate customers. At FIF we design our training to be the antidote to this trend. We guarantee results. 

– Eric Kenyon